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"I want to take the time to tell you about the excellent customer service that I received from Chris Cook. When many others were telling me they couldn't help, Chris kept coming up with other possibilities to try. In today's world of "passing the buck" to get things off your desk, Chris is a model for customer service!"

SFSC Performing Arts Lorrie Worrell-Smith, Box Office Manager September 25, 2015

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"We REALLY appreciate the prompt attention (as usual from MICROCOM) in getting our old printer serviced. You went above and beyond..."

Automated Solutions Corp Rick Petcher June 26, 2014

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"We use other printers at Ticket Philadelphia and they tend to need constant maintenance. The Microcom printer we are using was setup for use with Tessitura in the exact same way as our other printers. It runs longer without any hitches. The main thing we like is the portability and ease of use. We use our Microcom printer for all our remote box office set-ups and our box office staff is very pleased with its performance."

Ticket Philadelphia Gary Lustig, Vice-President June 26, 2014

"Since 2005, Odds On Promotions has exclusively used Microcom printers in our kiosks. After testing a variety of competing products from major brands, we found that Microcom's product best fit our needs with outstanding technical support, rugged reliability and vital features including compact size, easy maintenance and simplicity reloading. With more than 85 units purchased, we are still very happy and we would gladly recommend Microcom to anyone."

Odds On Promotions David Bebout June 26, 2014

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""Any thermal printer we purchase will be made by Microcom. The products are so reliable we haven't had a need for any repairs or service.”"

Phoenix Mailing Thomas Diers Seattle, Washington July 2, 2015