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What is RFID @ INTIX?

RFID @ INTIX is a lead-capture app which allows Exhibitors to scan the radio-frequency identification chips in the trade show name badges.

Is my personal data secure?

Yes, the RFID chips in the name badges are only encoded with the same personal information that is printed on the face of the badge. The RFID chips do not contain any additional personal data.

Can every Exhibitor use RFID @ INTIX?

Yes, every INTIX Exhibitor with an NFC capable phone may download the RFID @ INTIX app.

Is there any fee for RFID @ INTIX?

No, the RFID @ INTIX app is free for Exhibitors to download.

How do Exhibitors get the RFID @ INTIX app?

Exhibitors can scan their provided Registration Tag to be directed to the appropriate app store or by visiting the Google Play or Apple App Store to download the RFID @ INTIX app.

How do Exhibitors use the app?

Exhibitors simply scan their Registration Tag followed by their own name badge (available at the registration desk) and it's ready to use!

How do Exhibitors get their list of scans?

They will be available in app and can be downloaded via a CSV file .

What if an Exhibitor does not have an NFC capable phone?

INTIX has a limited supply of loaner phones for the RFID @ INTIX app provided by Microcom. Please visit the Exhibitor registration desk while supplies last. Limit one per booth.

What if a non-Exhibitor tries to scan a name badge with their own phone?

The RFID chip contains a link that will allow them to view the INTIX Conference schedule site.

RFID @ INTIX A "How-To" Video

**NOTE: We have added NFC compatible Apple Device Support for INTIX**


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