Microcom Corporation Printer Prints Rental Agreements for Major Automobile Rental Agency

LEWIS CENTER, OH – September 15, 2010 – Microcom Corporation, a leading
global provider of thermal printers, is proud to supply the Model 424M printer to a major
worldwide auto rental agency. The 424M printer prints vehicle rental agreements on
inexpensive airline ATB stock. The 424M prints at speeds up to 6” per second, far faster
than competing technologies. Since it is a thermal printer, no additional supplies are
needed, adding to the simplicity of the printer and increasing up time.
“The Model 424M was selected primarily because of its reliability, print speed, and ease
of upgrading from their existing printer. It has decreased the amount of customer service
time required to rent a vehicle. This saves the rental agency money and makes happier
customers. The rental agreement is also much more manageable since it is printed on
standard airline ticket stock,” said Bob Young, National Account Manager for Microcom