Microcom Feature Product: 814M

As we move closer to spring, warmer weather and working closer with certain industries such as agriculture; we can’t help but think of the 814M kiosk printer. The 814M, Microcom Corporation’s letter/A4 thermal printer, is perfect for 8.5” wide documents boasting 100% duty cycle printing, industrial strength cutter, and the ability to pull up to an 8″ O.D. paper roll. The 814M was specifically designed for long life, ease of use, and durability in tough conditions.

Microcom’s 814M is a great fit for numerous applications including truck scales, belt scales, rail scales, and shipping. These applications are found in many industries which include food, recycling, chemical, raw materials, agriculture, and logistics.

A perfect example can be found within the grain industry. The harvest and transportation process has automated over time with belts, weigh stations, and printer kiosks. On a machine such as a scale house kiosk, the user will enter the truck identification, job, and material numbers on the screen. After confirmation, the appliance will print out the details of the job and send the data to the main office. Even so, checks and balances have to be put in place to reduce the amount of wasted money from inefficiencies, and having a physical ticket print out is crucial in that process. To aid field managers, printing reports at the pit can be a huge asset when a loader operator needs to know how many tons have been hauled to a specific job or by specific haulers.

With the 814M comes the Microcom Corporation difference. Being a US based manufacturer of thermal printers, kiosk enclosures, RFID technology, and custom engineering solutions, Microcom offers over 30 years of thermal printing experience as well as on-sight engineers ready to contribute to the integration process.

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