New Custom Solutions

Designing, Engineering, and
Manufacturing Expertise

Microcom works with clients throughout the world developing solutions from proof-of-concept to mass-production. For quantities large or small, our manufacturing capabilities can handle it in the United States or with long-term partners offshore.

                 • Thermal Printing
                 • Kiosks
                 • Dispensers
                 • Print Mechanisms
                 • Scanning
                 • Labels and Tags
                 • RFID & NFC Technology
                 • Custom Solutions

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Commitment to confidentiality

Microcom has a proven history of successfully developing solutions for industry-leading corporations while maintaining strict confidentiality of trade secrets and proprietary information.

• Distribution
• Healthcare
• Hospitality
• Logistics
• Manufacturing

• Postal
• Retail
• Transportation
• Warehousing
• Custom

Commitment to our clients’ long-term success

Microcom provides our engineering clients with the assurance that in the event Microcom elects to end manufacturing any custom products for proprietary applications, the manufacturing specifications and firmware can be transferred to the client.

Individual Process

Microcom Corporation can create custom designed thermal printers to meet your specific printing requirements. Whether it's specialized software or hardware, we have the resources to design and build thermal printers to fit virtually any configuration.

Experienced Engineering

Microcom engineers begin without any preconceived notions and build specifically-designed thermal printer mechanisms. We can employ commonly used components to build thermal printers shaped to fit your specific needs.